Rainbow Slide

Got out of school at half past three
saw you standing there, hiding from the rain
I smiled at you but you just looked at me
like I was an alien or maybe insane
But I tried again with my prettiest smile
And the sun came out for a little while

Come on I'll show you wonderland
Beyond the rain on the other side
Hey baby, come and take my hand
And join me on a rainbow slide

Kiss the rain and jump in a puddle
swirl around til you're so dizzy you fall down
I wanna kiss you, hold you and cuddle
'cause I think you're the cutest boy in town
So wont you come with me and play
In the rain that pours down today


I promise you that it'll be fun
Cooler than any rollercoaster ride
We'll go higher than the stars and the sun
So sweet thing, join me on a rainbow slide!

(C) Melindah B Lavesson

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