Prince of Glam

She met him one night, he said it was fate
That they both were there, in the winter late
The wind in the trees sounded like waves
As he lead her to a place among the graves
They sat there and talked, all though the night
With the silvery moon as only light

He touched her cheek with a black-painted nail
He makes her feel like crystalglass, so frail
She’d never met anyone who felt so new
So fresh like a springmorning dew
He always seemed to know just what to say
She wished the night would never turn to day

Sparkle in his eyes, Stardust in his hair
The glitter around him fills up the air
The glamour lights up his face
He's the most beautiful star in space

But the hours went and soon it was dawn
All the moonlight glitter was gone
The hourglass was out of sand
He turned to her and kissed her hand
He told her that he would be back
Then the stars was gone and the sky was black

Sparkle in his...

Next night she heard someone whisper her name
He kept his promise and back he came
He made her feel like a princess of light
As he showed her his beautiful, shimmering night
She smiled at him, ‘twas like a dream
The whole world seamed to gleam

He said he’d missed her during the day
Said the things she wanted to say
They looked upon the sparkling sky
It felt like the night would never die
The moon above them shone so bright
As she took the hand of the glamour delight

(C) Melindah B Lavesson

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