Only the moon saw what happened

She wanders through the cemetery,
the moon follows her every move.
She passes the graves,
she's heading for the chamber.
There she will meet her loved one,
as every other night

Suddely she hears her name
be whispered from a mound.
She turns around and starts to follow
the voice that knew her name

In the belief it was her loved one,
she walked towards the grave,
She didn't see, she didn't feel,
the pain 'twas in the air.

She didn't meet her loved one,
she never did again.
But every night she wanders,
wanders to her love.

Only the moon knows what happened,
why the girl's life was ended.
It can't tell, it can't say,
only watch her wander,
and see her die once more.

(C) Melindah B Lavesson

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