Ode to thee, M'Love

Itís time for sleep, this moment I dread
Iím shaking of fear, but not for the dark
In anguish alone, I wait for the lark
If I let go, I will loose me head

The wanton dreams keep on haunting mine brain
It seems like the night for ever wilt last
Abandoned by hope, I see only the past
I need thee here, I am going insane

Thy flesh is now gone, it hath turned into dust
Thy ears canst not hear and thy eyes canst not see
After long time in pain thine spirit is free
Fly with the winds and follow each lust

Under the blossoms of lilacs thou rest
Not bothered by time that goes by
With burning tears that falls from mine eye
A tess from thee art held at by chest

My true love thou were, and still art thou so
Iíve known since met in that far away June
Many a times hath she wandered, our moon
From when thou came, Ďtil thou hadst to go

Only the daylight can get the bad nightmares rout
So I wait here lying on top of mine bed
For me and mine heart thou willst never be dead
There is for that not a single doubt

Thy memory with love I shalt always keep
A tear drips down on mine dress
Slowly I get embraced by the darkness
And Iím letting go of the evil sleep

(C) Melindah B Lavesson

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