New way of life

I havenít been happy for so many years
Iíve refused for so long
Have had so morbid thoughts and ways
I hated the days and lived for the nights

Others have pushed me into the dark
With the false kisses they gave
The same ones have made me weaken
They reached out their hand, then they took it back

But you made be believe in life
And all the good it can be
I will never take you for granted
I am so thankful you showed me the world

Glitter, stars and a golden light
Instead of monsters and hate
Soft kisses, giggles and rainbow slides
No longer does the graves call my name

Complexes and anxiety
The have changed to pride and love
Nothing at all feels difficult
Now that I have my prince by my side

Oh, my star, are you really true
Can there be someone like you
You opened the door to my heart
And breathed life back into my body

Iím so happy I have you

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© Melindah Bergelin Lavesson 25/12 2001