My neighbour

I have a neighbour who's freaking me out
She goes around pretending that I'm her friend
she copies all my clothes, my hair and my style
Oh, what a wonderful life!

Her apartement is the grossest I've seen
five cats in one room and they're not housebroken
the tub is only for washing clothes
Oh, what a wonderful life!

Everyday there's a different man
comming out if there with his shirt in his hand
zipping up his pants while she counts the cash
Oh, what a wonderful life!

She runs from the mob in a stolen car
drives without a license, but who gives a damn
If she gets caught she just sleeps withe cop
Oh, what a wonderful life!
Oh, what a glorious life!
Oh, what a fabolous life!
Oh, what a glamourus life!

(C) Melindah Bergelin Lavesson

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