My angel (with glitter-sparkling wings)

I look upon the same sky as he does
And the same moon lights up our faces
Im so happy that I get to share his stars
I feel so close to him, though were in different places

He paints my world with rainbow-coloured paint
He sends messages with the wind to me
And his inner light chase away my bad dreams
He brings me to his world, where Im so glad to be

Oh, my angel, with glitter-sparkling wings
He turns my world around
He flies me to the moon and introduce me to the clouds
We rest under a tree and share ice-cream with the stars

He always seems to know just what to say
To make all the monsters disappear
Im so calm inside, when I am by his side
Oh, I pray that he will always be with me

(C)Melindah B Lavesson

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