I can still see your face.
You were so thin, you looked so fragile
You told me you loved me and then you left
I never saw you again.

I remember when we were kids,
When I fell you picked me up, held me in your arms
And you said it would all be alright
Please come and hold me again,
I canít take this pain no more

Every day I see your face in font of me
I see your beatuful long blond hair falling off
And your bright blue eyes so full of pain and fear
That is my last memory of you

I still donít understand why..
Why you took all those drugs
When you knew they would kill you
Oh, I miss you so much

I canít erase the picture in my mind
Of you in that coffin, on your way down
To the other world
I know that one day weíll be together again.
And then nothing can break us apart.

(C) Melindah B Lavesson

6 Sep 1978 = 19 Aug 1995

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