Her heart was weak and cold as well
Lied bout a secret she couldnt tell
Afraid of what the world would say
But she always got away

Corrupted by her lies and greed
Didnt give her family what they need
She was never a good mother
She didnt ever bother

She gambled and she lost control
And somewhere she lost her soul
Then she stopped paying all the bills
And now she buried under the paper hills

She was a compulsive liar
She made up reality as she went along
She hid behind the stories
And turned her back on the ones that wouldnt believe

She gave the decease to her son
But she didnt know what she had done
Together they live in their lies
Until the day that she dies

It makes him destroy and deceive
His own family when they wont believe
And though he knows about his mess
Hed rather die than confess

His mother turned him into clay
And his own mind slipped away
Now theres nothing we can do
Hes in another world than me and you

He is a compulsive liar
He makes up reality as he goes along
He hinds behind the stories
And turns his back on the ones that wont believe

(C)Melindah Bergelin Lavesson

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