She strolled down the cemetery-path like so many nights before. She knew every rock, every name on the tombstones. This is where she came when her mother nagged on her too much and she had to have a break from the world. The moon shone on her pale face and she wrapped her cloak tighter around her to stop the snowflakes of getting inside her clothes. It was quite the storm outside now. She took a quick look at the watch on her wrist. 10.32PM. The night had just begun. She took off to a smaller path and walked towards her favourite spot, a giant mausoleum. She felt so safe in there with all the paintings on the walls and the dried roses on the coffins.
She opened the door, walked inside and closed the door quietly behind her. No one but her was ever in here, so she kept her diary and favourite books in a little box under a bench here. She was afraid her mother would read her most private thoughts if she kept the diary at home. She took up a book of fairytales and sat down on the bench and dreamed away to a world of knights and dragons and almost fell asleep. But suddenly the doorknob turned and the door opened. Her heart started to race as the door opened wider and wider.
In came a young man, a bit older than her self. He looked at her with beautiful eyes and smiled shyly at her.
- "Sorry to startle you, but Iím lost and saw you go in here. Can you please tell me where I am?"
He was the most beautiful man she had ever seen. Everything about him was perfect, from the long, black hair through the make-up to the red PVC-trousers. He looked like a mixture between a punk and goth and a glam-rocker.
She smiled at him and showed him into the mausoleum. He closed the door behind him and shook the snow off his hair and brown leatherjacket.
- "Welcome to my world" she said. "Thatís where you are"
He smiled back and revealed the cutest dimples she ever seen.
-"Oh, I didnít mean to disturb you! But itís a very beautiful world you have"
- "You didnít disturb" said she. "Itís nice with a little company sometimes."
-"Good. Can I sit here with you for a little while?"
-"Sure , I was just reading a story"
He asked her if he could read something for her and she nodded. He took up the book and picked out a story, then he read out with a clear voice
. She looked at her watch again. 10,53PM. She would always remember this time as when her heart came back alive

(C) Melindah B Lavesson

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