My favourite quotes

(more quotes to come)
I have many favourite quotes, parts from songlyrics a.s.o, and these are a few of them
First of all I love the ones on the mainsite...then these:

"Strange is thy pallor! strange thy dress,
Strange, above all, thy length of tress."

-E.A Poe, The Sleeper
(This to me is how people see me..strange)

"I don't like you, and you don't like me!
Stop act like you do, and be my enemy!!"

-P Briggs, Psychotica
(It's better to true enemies, that false friends, which I unfortunately have had )

"Only the moon saw what happened"
-M B-Henriksson (me!)
(A lot of things happens in the night and the moon is the only witness)

"You betrayed all the trust I gave you,
now I need therapy to hate a little more.
You can't help me to forgive you,
the drugs have given you all kinds of different sores"

D Johns, Learn to hate- Freakshow
(The entire Freakshow-album helped me put my feelings to words when my brother died)

"...unfortunately sometimes you grow apart.
It's like with trees, they all try to reach for a place
where they can live in the sun, grow and reach for the sky"

A Persson, talking about friends
(It's such a beautiful quote, I had to include it)

"What's a baby worth, a little baby?
What can a baby be, more than we can see?
What can a baby do, more than we can dream?"

Kelfam, Baby - Keep on singing
(I think this quote speaks for itself...)

"If my love must burn i hell, then so shall I!"
B Stroker, Dracula
(so so strong it survived death.)

"There's a whole new world comming 'round the corner
Men shake their deals again
and children laugh and play"

..again: Kelfam, New world- Keep on singing
(nice to know SOMEONE believes in the future for a change!)

"Remember! you're never too old to hold your dad's hand!"
(so true! never be afraid to admit you're afraid!)

"I AM the refridgerator-guru!!!"
-, Caine knows why I said it ;)
(No comment!)

"A sleeping cat wrapped around your shoulder = The ONLY way to wear fur"
(So true, so true)

"No, I am not taught to never make a difference between black and white people.
I was never taught there is a diffence"

-Melindah B Lavesson
(I say some pretty deep stuff in the middle of the night)

Read anough?