Ok, my loved ones...

Eric, my Eric, ofcourse you are included :) Min snulle!! My husband, my life my everything!

Charlotte!!! I love you so much! My absolute favourite psycho in the whole world :)Purr!!
Sandra, so many laughs...Love you forever, everyone of you ;)

My cat, Kikki, who was with me for 14 beautiful years.
.Bast has you now

My cats, my babies: Dustin, Morrgan and Kagge and Molly

My daddy, my hero. the strongest person in the world.
If I turn out anything like you, then you made a hell of a good job :)

Myself, the one and only.

The former boiz in my life. I am happy everything turned out the way they did.
You drew me to Eric and I appreciate him so much more.
I had some great times with all of you, those I will remeber. Thank you.