Mindy! The one and only

Zatanica-who is she?

NAME: Melindah
AKA: Mindy, Mel, Lady Zatanica, Baztiah
LIVES: Scania, with my husband Eric and our five cats.
AGE: Feel like a million years
INTERESTS: almost anything aesthetic, like drawing, singing, dancing, photographing a.s.o
HOBBIES: The stuff above, hanging out with friends...you know, doing stuff
PLAYS: Guitar, Piano, Congas, Keyboard, Viola and some rhythm-instruments
LOVES: My Eric, Music, Cats, Stars,Purple glitter, My Friends, and much more
HATE: Animal abuse, Human abuse, Fascism, Nazism, Cheating
FAV COLOUR: Black and purple..did you guess? ;)
FAV INTRUMENTS: Guitar, Piano and viola/violin
FAV SONGS: right now, "No one but you",by Patricia Kelly, "Euthanasia" by Psychotica,
FAV INTRUMENTAL TUNE: "The sleep" by Psychotica
FAV BANDS: I suggest you read the bands-site....
I ADMIRE: My dad, for surviving and finding so much positive things in life. Kathleen Kelly for her strength, her love and they way she sees so positively at life and the future. That's girlpower!!
FAV ANIMAL: CATS of all sorts! PURRRRRRRRR *I especially love my own, Dustin, Iago, Molly, Emma and Morrgan*
LEAST FAV ANIMAL: Spiders...I'm arachnophobic. But they are kinda cool...on pics :)
FAV MOVIE: The Crow! ..and Disney's Hunchback... :)
THINGS I DON'T LEAVE HOME WITHOUT: My backpack, my mobilephone, MAKE-UP, money

I am a vegan and straight edge.I've been that for a long time now, and I was a strict vegetarian for some years before. I don't wanna eat an animal, or anything that came out of a one...
And neither do I wanna poison my body with any sort of drugs.