Never date a rockstar

From the shining shoes to the perfect hair
He had no flaws as far as you can see
He had it all, the fame, the flair
The only thing is...he had no time for me

The most tender hands and the cutest smile
He was the love of my life
But to him I was a mistress for a little while
And the stage was...obviously his wife

"Please donít cry, baby donít shout
I have to rehearse for this big show
I know I promised to take you out
But Iím sorry, I just have to go"

I had a problem with no solution
I was so in love but he was so far
But then I came to this conclusion
Listen to me; never date a rockstar

Those few times we actually meet
He takes such good care of me
His words are kind and his kisses so sweet
But suddenly thereís somewhere he has to be

He lives for those moments in the light
He is nothing like the others are
Neither he is a prince or a knight
For heavenís sake, my boyfriend is a rockstar!


©Melindah Bergelin Lavesson

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