Iím back

Back on the graveyard where I belong
With the ghosts, the spirits and people with fangs
Back in the coven and the sisterhood
No more schoolgirl-look for me

Am who I am, donít try to change me
Iím happy here with the goths and freaks
So after some time in preppy-land
I am finally back to say

The girl in black is here again
Healed from the glitter disease
There is no longer stardust in my eyes
And the grin is back on my lips

Never again will I date a rockstar
And change from the girl that I really am
Never again will I stand by the stage
And act like someone Iím not

Cradle of Filth and Psychotica
Is the music that I like to hear
I really donít like that perky pop
But I pretended for his sake


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©Melindah Bergelin Henriksson 25/12 2001