I never got to say goodbye
there was no warning he was going to die
so many things I would have done
so many things I would have said

Oh,I miss hiss babyblue eyes
with glitter and sparks like a million skies
so many smiles I would have smiled
so many tears I would have cried

Oh, I wish he hadn't left in hate
wished another end, but now it's too late
so many things I want undone
so many words I want unsaid

But the days of wondering have passed
Nightmares are over, over at last
so many nights I didn't sleep
so many says I didn't live

ALst night he came to me in a dream
to let me know that he's ok
now I finally can move on
there's nothing more to do or say

(C)Melindah Bergelin Lavesson

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