Welcome to Freak Café!

For some time now I have been drawing themes, and Freak Café is my favourite:

Freak Café is a place where everyone who is a little bit odd can hang out and just be themselves. One day I hope to open up a café with this name, but so far it's just a dream :)

Live music?
The Beginning

Wordless pics

Boiz..and me :)
Just some kids in the bar ;)
these girls are accually my own personalities...
I looove the bartender ;)
Behind the bar
Guess the tables were full...
Outside the café

My newest project
Izabella & Sigh
(The pics are quite big..)

Izabella and Sigh
Izabella and Sigh at...Freak Café

And a drawing that doesn't belong here, he just turned up here :)
My former superhero...but he was just an ordinary bloke :)
Cute though
I know the colours suck, but I coloured it online...The original painting is better ;)
More to come


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